Students remind us that we need to save water for future generations

When you’re wasting water, whose water are you actually wasting? That’s the question Power and Water are encouraging Territorians to think about through a new multi-media campaign that has been launched this week across social and digital channels, on water bills and free-to-air TV.

The Let’s Save For Their Future campaign features students who were asked why we should save water, how they feel when they see water being wasted and how we can save water for the future.

Their answers were insightful and funny, reminding us all about the importance of saving water, one of the most precious resources for future generations.

Territorians all have a role to play to ensure there will be enough water for the Territory's future, and together some important ground has been made to cut back water use over the past 10 years. However, Territorians still use more than twice the amount of water as the rest of Australia. The Northern Territory isn’t immune to changing weather patterns and population growth is placing greater demand on water resources.

This campaign complements Power and Water’s existing water conservation initiatives such as the That’s My Water! school education program, targeted commercial and industrial engagement, work with all levels of government, and community awareness and education through the Living Water Smart program.

The Let’s Save For Their Future campaign highlights how Territorians can all work together to secure the Territory’s water for the future.

Click here to watch the Let’s Save For Their Future campaign ads.


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