Tree trimming to support power security and community safety in Alice Springs

Power and Water’s tree trimming works are about to start in Alice Springs to support safety around power infrastructure and a reliable power supply to homes and businesses.

Tree trimming and vegetation management is a vital part of helping to protect the community from the impacts of severe weather. Storms can occur frequently during late spring and summer and cause significant destruction.

To help prepare and protect Alice Springs from the destructive power of these storms, Power and Water invests in continual vegetation management.

‘Trees, shrubs and other vegetation present a significant risk to powerlines, as falling branches or trees can damage them and bring them down,’ Power and Water Senior Manager Service Delivery South, Gavin Kahl said.

‘We saw that impact late last year when the town was hit by two sudden, successive wild storm cells that left thousands of people without power after trees, branches, debris and roofing materials damaged powerlines.

‘Our crews worked around the clock to repair the damage and restore services as quickly and safely as possible, and if not for the vegetation management program, things could have been much worse.’

Alice Springs is home to numerous well-established native trees, with many species planted as the town has grown that are not suitable to be close to powerlines.

Power and Water works with an experienced contractor and a qualified arborist to assess each tree within a power span (pole to pole). This helps them determine whether it is likely to affect power infrastructure or access to powerlines.

To reduce the risk of trees and debris being blown onto powerlines, properties and roads, vegetation clearance standards are set for how much trimming is necessary, while maintaining greenery, shade, cooling and privacy where possible.

Once the assessment is completed, impacted residents will be notified before works start via a card dropped in their letterbox.

‘It’s all about keeping our customers, community and workforce safe and delivering a reliable power supply to Alice Springs,’ said Mr Kahl.

‘If our customers have any concerns, we encourage them to contact us and we will talk directly with them before the work begins.’

Power and Water’s contractor, Infrastructure Vegetation Management Services, will be working around town to trim trees away from powerlines between Saturday 7 and Tuesday 31 October.

For more information, go to: Alice Springs vegetation maintenance program.


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