Apply to convert from a credit meter to a prepayment meter

For customers located in areas where Power and Water are the electricity retailer, who wish to apply to convert their credit meter to  prepayment meter.

Prepayment metering is not available to properties that require a continuous supply of power such as life support customers. Prepayment metering is only available to domestic single phase properties however is not suitable for all single phase domestic services.

Written authorisation required from owner if renting. Your application will not be processed until approval is received.

This form is for:

Converting a credit meter to a prepayment meter

Customers who have approval from the landlord or owner of the property

Remote customers, or customers who have Power and Water as their power retailer

Single phase domestic properties

Do not use this form for new connections

Do not use this form if you are a commercial or large consumer customers

Before you begin:
If your location is not displayed here then this is not the correct form for you. Most customers will use a retailer, e.g Jacana energy to establish new connections please contact them directly.
The owner must agree to the following facts.
Property details
This should be the address of your new (dis)connection. Please include street address, suburb and postcode
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e.g locked gate or dogs etc. Important: If full access is not provided we may not be able to complete your connection within two business days. If Power and Water is required to complete more than one trip, additional fees may apply.
Customer contact details
Your Customer ID can be found at the top right hand corner of your bill, include all digits excluding the dash
Date of birth
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