Meters are read as part of monthly and quarterly billing cycles. There may be times when meter readers are unable to get reads which can result in your consumption being estimated instead. If this happens, the read type on your bill will display as 'estimated'.

You may receive an estimated bill because our meter readers were unable to access the meter. Maybe there’s a dog on the premises, or the meter is behind a locked gate or among trees and shrubs.

If we can’t access the meter, we’ll leave a card asking you to report the reading to us so we can issue an accurate bill. We will only estimate the bill if you don't provide a reading within 48 hours.

Want to submit a meter reading? You will need to provide the meter number or property address and your contact details. If we need clarification on the reading we will contact you. Submit a meter reading.

If we have estimated your bill, your next bill will be adjusted to show the actual consumption when an actual meter reading is taken or provided. This may sometimes result in an over- or under-estimation of your usage.

In the event of an over-estimation the excess charge will be credited to your account. If you are undercharged, these adjustments will be added to your next bill.

An estimated bill is valid and payable, the same as a normal bill. Any adjustments will be reflected in the next bill.

If your estimated bill costs more than you expect, compare your actual meter reading to the estimate.

If you feel your estimated bill is much higher than your actual you can contact us. For a fee, you may request a special meter reading to verify the estimate.

To reduce the chance of receiving an estimated bill, you can take steps to ensure the meter is easy for our meter readers to access.

If you have locked gates but still want your meter read, you can purchase a Power and Water padlock. The padlock comes with two keys for you and our meter reader will also have a key to access the meter. Contact us to arrange the purchase of a padlock. We require a $35  deposit to be paid up front. If you no longer require the padlock return it to us and we will refund the deposit.

We need at least one actual meter reading each year. If you receive three estimated meter reads in a 12-month period, we will leave a card for you to contact us and arrange for a physical reading.

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In this video, Jonathan, Billing Manager explains how to submit your reading if we can't access your meter.