Darwin River Dam 50th Anniversary

You are invited to the Darwin River Dam open day to celebrate its 50th Anniversary on Sunday 28 August from 9am-12pm.

There will be plenty on offer on the day including bus tours to the dam wall with the opportunity to walk up to the spectacular spillway, plenty of refreshments, giveaways and family friendly entertainment.

Come down and learn about the history of our water story and future plans to support demand and economic growth in the region.

For more information and event updates, visit the Power and Water Facebook Page.

Darwin River Dam level

Current dam capacity %





Flooding and spillway

The majority of Darwin’s drinking water is sourced from the Darwin River Dam, while the remainder is supplied from groundwater from the McMinns and Howard East borefields.

It’s not uncommon for the spillway to overflow late in the wet season. As the Dam is not gated, the flow into the spillway cannot be regulated. When the spillway overflows, river levels downstream of the dam may rise rapidly. This may cause sudden changes in levels at road crossings downstream of the dam. During these events, this information is provided by Secure NT.

View current public warnings at Secure NT

Public access

The Darwin River Dam site is closed to the public to protect the catchment and ensure that we can continue to deliver safe and secure drinking water to the Darwin community.

Our obligations under national health and safety legislation and reservoir and drinking water safety standards led us to close the dam to the public. However, we maintain managed visitation through prearranged bookings of supervised groups, for example for educational purposes.

A safety induction for school groups and other authorised visitors can be accessed here.

Contact us to discuss bookings