Power and Water has replaced the Bittern Street (Wulagi) water main to improve the reliability of water supply to the area. The main needed repairs to several breaks prior to works starting.

We contracted local business, Quality Plumbing, to complete the works.

Works took place during March and April 2020.

Quality Plumbing constructed the new water main along the odd numbered side of Bittern Street, within the road reserve and close to the kerb. This allowed the existing water main to remain undisturbed within the verge on the same side of the street until the new water main was ready for service. It also minimised disruption to property water supply, the footpath, verges and driveways.

What was involved

Quality Plumbing started construction of the new water main at the Whimbrel Crescent main and progressed the full length of Bittern Street, before crossing the road to connect to the Wulagi Crescent main. Please see the map below.

The crew completed 30 to 40 meters of excavation and construction of the new water main at a time. They then back-filled the trench and covered it with metal plates to stabilise overnight and be driven over. The following day, they removed the plates and the surface was safe to drive on.

While works took place, access to driveways (odd numbers only) was temporarily interrupted. Quality Plumbing contacted residents to advise when their driveway access would be affected.

The crew also prepared property connections in readiness for the cut-over to the new main. They dug a small trench and installed pipes from the new water main across verges and the road (for properties on the opposite side to the main) to property connection points.

Once they installed the connection pipe, they backfilled the verge trench and the road crossing and covered it with metal plates to stabilise overnight. The following day the plates were removed and the road surface was safe to drive on.

As construction moved along the street only materials to be used on any given day were stored on site.

Safety directional signage and traffic management was in place for public safety around the work site.

Completing the works

When the new water main was complete, water supply was temporarily disconnected. This short supply interruption allowed us to connect the new main to existing mains in Wulagi Crescent and Whimbrel Crescent, and to disconnect properties from the existing main supply and connect to the new main.

Quality Plumbing contacted residents to advise when this was to take place.

The old main was capped and sealed and remains in place within the verge.

To complete the works, contractors hotmixed the new water main road excavation route and road crossings and reinstated the footpath and verge crossings.

More information

If you have any queries about the works please contact us.