During June and July 2022 Power and Water will be carrying out inspections and maintenance at the Leanyer Sanderson Waste Stabilisation Ponds.

We have a rolling program of repairs and maintenance at all of our facilities to meet the needs of our customers, protect public health and the environment and extend the life of our infrastructure.

About the works

We will be undertaking inspections and maintenance within the inlet works at the ponds. To do this safely the inlet works will be off-line from 20 June to 22 July 2022.

That means any rubbish, bathroom products and other objects usually removed at the inlet works will go directly into the ponds.

Residents in Leanyer, Lyons, Muirhead and Wanguri might notice an increase in odours as a result.

Reducing pond odour

To keep any odour to a minimum our operators will recirculate the waste water between ponds and carry out regular on-site odour and pond condition inspections.

We will also use sucker trucks and excavators to remove any odour causing excess scum from the ponds.

How residents can help

Each year, we remove hundreds of tonnes of bathroom products, rubbish and other objects from our waste water system, sewer networks and ponds.

Most of our waste water comes from household toilets, showers and sinks and we can all play our part to reduce the rubbish and other waste going into the ponds.

Stick to only flushing the three Ps down the toilet – poo, pee and (toilet) paper.

Flushing anything other than the three Ps impacts the natural treatment process at the ponds, causing odour and more environmental impact.

More information

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