Use this form to request Community Partnership support from Power and Water Corporation

Please read the Community Partnerships Program Guidelines before applying.

How the application process works

Partnership applications should be submitted between 1 July and 30 September 2019.

Once your application has been lodged, you will receive an automated response by email advising you of the successful lodgement. You will be contacted in November to advise you of the success or otherwise of your application.

If you need to contact us before notification, you can email us at

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Organisation details
Is your organisation not-for-profit? * Please note: this program supports not-for-profit organisations as a preference.
Please include your long-term goals, vision and misson
Event or program details
Include objectives, audience, background information, location and duration.
For example, funding (up to $2000), in-kind support, water refill stations, water bottles, volunteers.  Give details of what this will be used for.
Partnership benefits
Please refer to our Community Partnership Guidelines to understand how and why this is important to us
Opportunities for our employees to volunteer, display option, or other
Include social media, traditional media, website, signage, logo placement etc
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