New water main along Rapid Creek Road. The new water main replaced the existing main to improve the reliability of the water supply. The main required repairs to several breaks prior to works starting.

Quality Plumbing has been contracted to construct the new water main along Rapid Creek Road, within the verge.

Works took place from May to November 2021.

We stalled the new main on a new alignment, which allowed the existing water main to remain undisturbed within the verge. This minimised disruption to water supply, the footpath, property verges and driveways.

What’s involved

Construction of the new water main will start at Solomon Street and progress approximately 750m along Rapid Creek Road to Trower Road.

As part of these works it will be necessary to remove a number of trees along Rapid Creek Road. Each of these trees will be replaced with two new trees by City of Darwin once the construction works are complete. Council will plant and establish the new trees.

The crew will complete 30 to 40 meters of excavation and construction of the new water main at a time. They will then back-fill the trench and make the area safe. Road crossings will be covered with metal plates so it can stabilise overnight and be driven over. The following day, they will remove the plates and the surface will then be safe to drive on.

While works take place, access to driveways will be temporarily interrupted. Quality Plumbing will contact residents to advise when driveway access will be affected.

The crew will also prepare property connections in readiness for the cut-over to the new main. They will dig a small trench and install pipes from the new water main across verges to property connection points.

During the water main replacement works, there may be short interruptions to water supply. Affected residences will be notified in advance if they will be impacted.

As construction moves along the road only materials to be used on any given day will be stored on site.

Safety directional signage and traffic management will be in place for public safety around the work site.

Completing the works

When the new water main is complete, water supply will need to be temporarily disconnected. This short supply interruption will allow connection of the new main to existing mains in Berry Place, Sprigg Street, Burden Place, Aldridge Place, Robison Road and Carrington Street, and to disconnect properties from the existing main supply and connect to the new main.

Quality Plumbing will contact residents to advise when this will take place.

The old main will be capped and sealed and remain in place within the verge.

To complete the works, contractors will asphalt the new water main road crossings and reinstate verge crossings.

Power and Water will repair any damage caused to the footpath, verges and driveways.

More information

If you have any queries about the works please contact us.