To maintain a safe and reliable drinking water supply to the Alice Springs community, Power and Water completed the five-yearly maintenance program at the Sadadeen water tank in June 2021.

Customers were advised there will be no interruption to customer's water supply during the works. However, a slight reduction in water pressure for two to three days while the tank water level is being lowered may be experienced.

The tank, located on the hill behind Eagle Court, Desert Springs, will remain offline for three to four months while it is drained, cleaned and maintenance works are carried out.

About the works

Water from the 30ML tank will be drained, mostly via normal usage, leaving approximately 10 per cent in the tank when it is taken out of service.

The remaining water will be released into the natural water channel that runs through bushland down the hill into a below ground storm water collection point at the back of 25 and 27 The Fairway Road, Desert Springs. The discharge water then runs into the open storm water channel alongside the first hole at the Alice Springs Golf Club.

The water release will be controlled over several days to reduce scouring of the hillside (please refer to the attached aerial view). We will also monitor the water flow to ensure it meets the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) Water Quality Guidelines for ecosystem protection.

When the cleaning and any maintenance works are complete we will refill the tank, test the water to ensure it meets all necessary health standards and bring it back into service.

More Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the tank maintenance program, please email