To maintain a safe and reliable drinking water supply to the community, Power and Water commenced the five yearly Larapinta water tank maintenance program in Alice Springs on Wednesday 19 August 2020. Works were completed by Friday 4 September 2020.

There was no interruption to water supply during the works. However, customers may have experienced a slight reduction in water pressure for two to three days while the tank water level was being lowered.

The process

Water from the 18ML tank was drained, mostly via normal usage, leaving about 2.5ML (15 per cent) in the tank when it was taken out of service.

The remaining water was released in to the natural water channel that runs down the small rocky hill, into a dam collection point past the end of Murray Street before entering the stormwater drains. See the map.

The water release was controlled over several days to reduce scouring from the hill side. We also monitored the water flow to ensure it met the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) Water Quality Guidelines for ecosystem protection.

When cleaning and repairs were complete the tank was refilled and the water tested to ensure it met all necessary health standards. The tank was then brought back into full service.