Before the start of the 2020 wet season, Power and Water carried out essential maintenance works at the Leanyer Sanderson Inlet Works.

The inlet works had been operating for almost two years and had removed 80 tonnes of rubbish, bathroom products and grit annually, with approximately 30 per cent of the load removed early in the wet season.

This removal process enhances the ponds’ natural wastewater treatment processes by reducing surface scum and blockages. It also helps reduce environmental impacts on Buffalo Creek, where the treated wastewater is discharged.

Residents in the suburbs of Leanyer, Muirhead, Lyons and Wanguri may have noticed an increased nuisance odours while the inlet works were offline when the wind direction changes.

This essential maintenance of a critical asset will ensure the best performance of our wastewater systems and to protect public health and the environment.

Customers can help by only flushing the three Ps down the toilet – poo, pee, and toilet paper.

The works commenced at the start of September and were completed around in October 2020.

The hours of operation for the activity were standard business hours to minimise nuisance to surrounding residents.