Power and Water and contractor NCP Contracting constructed a new six kilometre water main from Borroloola to Garawa 2 town camp on behalf of the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development (Territory Housing).

Water for Garawa 1 and Garawa 2 town camps near Borroloola was supplied from a single bore on the southern side of Wollogorang Road. Water was pumped from the bore to Garawa 1 where it was treated and pumped to an elevated tank. Garawa 2 water supply was gravity fed from the Garawa 1 tank. The water supply infrastructure to both town camps is owned by Territory Housing and maintained by Power and Water.

The new PVC class 16, 225mm and 150mm water main connects to existing infrastructure at the intersection of Searcy Street and Robinson Road in Borroloola. It runs along Robinson and Wollogorang Roads and across the bridge to Garawa 2 where it again connects to existing infrastructure to also supply Garawa 1.

Connecting the new water main to existing infrastructure after water has been treated at the Borroloola Water Treatment Plant, allows for the removal of the aged treatment equipment and water tank at Garawa 1.

The bore that was servicing the town camps will be maintained for use as an untreated supply only, as the water has a high mineral content. In Borroloola, a new bore (Bore No. 6) has been brought online to compensate for the loss of supply from the Garawa bore.

NCP Contracting is a Territory owned and operated business, and where possible employed people from local communities to work on the project.

Garawa 1 and Garawa 2 town camps were connected to the new water main and supply in March 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions residual works were not completed until September 2020.