As part of Power and Water’s repairs and maintenance program, several water mains are being replaced in Adelaide River. This program of essential works will maintain water quality and supply and reduce the risk of future breaks and damage to the water infrastructure.

New water mains have recently been constructed in Memorial Terrace and Dogherty Street and we are now constructing new water mains in Becker Street, Hatt Street and Hardy Street.

Works are not expected to be complete until December 2021.

Daily work times will run between the following hours:

  • 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • 7am to 1pm Saturdays.

Quality Plumbing, a Territory business, is contracted to complete the works.

About the works

Both the Becker and Hatt Streets water mains are being constructed on the opposite side of the road to the existing mains and the Hardy Street main is being constructed next to the existing main.

Excavation and water main construction works started in the services easement on the corner of Hopewell Street and Becker Street. Works have been completed down the northern side of Becker Street towards the Adelaide River Health Centre. The Hatt Street water main has been constructed and Hardy Street main will be constructed before returning to complete the Becker Street works between the Health Centre and Hatt Street. See the image below.

They will excavate and lay the new mains in sections of around 30 to 40 meters per day.

Driveway access will be temporarily disrupted as works progress and residents will be advised when this will be. To maintain access overnight driveways may be plated. All driveways affected by the construction works will be reinstated at no cost to residents or Council.

Several road crossings also will be needed to connect other mains and properties to the new mains. Road crossings will be trenched and the new pipes laid, backfilled and plated so it can stabilise and be driven over safely. The following day, the plates will be removed and the surface will be safe to drive on.

When construction is finished and the new main tested, there will be a short water supply interruption to connect properties to the new main. Quality Plumbing will contact residents to advise when this will be.

To complete the works, road crossings will be hot-mixed and verge trenches reinstated. The existing water mains will be capped and sealed and remain in place within the verge and services easements.

For worker and public safety, directional signage will be in place around the work sites. Resident and visitors are requested to follow all safety directions.