What you need to know about working with or connecting to our water and sewerage infrastructure

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Water service development information for...

The Connection Code for Water Supply and Sewerage Services 2022 sets out the latest technical, procedural and charging requirements of Power and Water in relation to development activities. We intend to provide the latest information to encourage well planned, well designed and cost effective connections, augmentations and extensions of our infrastructure.

In the Northern Territory, the Water Metering Code 2022 establishes the rights and obligations of customers and Power and Water in relation to
water metering.

Before implementing the new standards, we are seeking feedback from our customers to determine if they have any concerns.
Please note that these codes are a consolidated and easy-to-read representation of existing processes and standards.

Please provide your feedback to the Water Development team at waterdevelopment@powerwater.com.au if you have any concerns about the proposed changes. The consultation period will end on July 31, 2022.

Power and Water will publish the revised codes online if there are no objections to the planned modifications.

Connection Code for Water Supply and Sewerage Services 2022 Material Amendments

Water Metering Code 2022 Material Amendments

For more information please contact Power and Water Services Development team.