Power and Water has developed general procedural requirements for the notification, assessment, design and approval of development activity.

These general procedural requirements are designed to help you in meeting your obligations as detailed in the Connection Code, and are supported by a range of other specific procedural documents and application forms.

If you are thinking of developing, you should contact Power and Water as early as possible. Providing information about your development will assist Power and Water in undertaking a preliminary assessment and ensuring that you will receive accurate overview of servicing requirements for your proposed development.

Power and Water will undertake assessment and provide formal response on the procedural, technical, financial requirements for proposed Development Applications submitted to Development Assessment Services.

Power and Water will assess all planning and design of new gifted assets for a development activity to ensure the works comply with the essential servicing strategy. Detailed design will be reviewed and approved for construction once satisfactory. The developer will need to engage a Power and Water accredited design consultant to undertake planning and design works in accordance to the Connection Code.

The cover sheet templates for gifted asset design drawings in CAD format are available for download:

Once approval for construction has been issued, the developer will need to engage a Power and Water accredited certifying consultant and contractor to undertake and certify the gifted asset works in accordance to the Connection Code. In addition, Power and Water will undertake site inspection and audits of works to ensure compliance of works.

Upon practical completion of the works, your certifying consultant must submit all the relevant handover documentation and certification. A handover inspection will then be carried out to ensure works have been satisfactorily constructed.

Power and Water will issue development clearance for all the relevant conditions on your Development Permit, once the gifted asset works have been completed satisfactorily.

The defect and liability period of 24 months will commence once the asset is completed and defects identified in the inspection have been rectified.

The certifying consultant must request a final inspection after defects and liability period has ended. The developer will be released from the liability period once all ongoing maintenance defects have been rectified.