Power and Water Corporation is responsible for operating the Northern Territory’s electricity market and power systems.

This includes:

  • System Control functions which oversee the safe, secure and reliable operation of the power system
  • wholesale trading arrangements between generators and retailers, through the Interim Northern Territory Electricity Market (I-NTEM)
  • registration of all market participants (retailers and generators) operating in the I-NTEM
  • market settlements that involve the calculation and issue of invoices to retailers and credit notes to generators
  • daily publication of market prices and other wholesale trading data.

What is the I-NTEM?

The Interim Northern Territory Electricity Market (I-NTEM) provides a framework to facilitate the wholesale exchange of electricity between generators and retailers. Within the I-NTEM framework, Power and Water manages this exchange based on the System Control Technical Code, Electricity Retail Supply Code and the National Electricity Rules as in force in the Northern Territory (NT NER) .

The Northern Territory has adopted full retail contestability, which means consumers can choose to buy electricity from any of the retailers licensed by the Utilities Commission.

I-NTEM Market Operator Image