The following procedures are published in accordance with the System Control Technical Code. You can email any inquiries to the Market Operator.

The Plant Outage Procedure specifies the processes for System Participants to gain approval for generation, transmission, or distribution plant outages, as well those the Power System Controller will follow to coordinate and sanction plant outages in order to manage the risk of system security and reliability.

The NMI Allocation Procedure has been prepared to specify the key principles to be adopted by the Network Operator for the allocations of NMIs to metering installations in the Northern Territory electricity supply industry and the key principles to be adopted by the Market Operator for the registration of those NMIs. The procedure is effective from 1 January 2017 with a staged transition to full implementation. Initial allocations of NMIs will utilise a one-to-one relationship between the new NMI and the 'Installation ID' otherwise known as the Unique Meter Identifier (UMI).

The one-to-one relationship is consistent with the NMI procedure in the majority of cases, except a small number of complex sites. These sites have been identified and will be specifically addressed throughout the transition period. The introduction of data stream suffixes will be delayed until the metering system can accommodate the additional requirements.

The Generating Unit Tie Break Procedure provides a transparent method for dispatching generating units that have identical off-load orders or identical dispatch offer prices at the Pool Price Point.

The Generator Offer Procedure specifies the principles and supporting rules, and point of clarification for submitting daily dispatch offers to the Power System Controller.

The Market Timetable Procedure specifies the period (in days relative to the trading day) that various documents are to be provided to the Power System Controller or provided by the Power System Controller to relevant stakeholders.

All Market Customers (Retailers) and Generators need to register with the Market Operator to participate in the Interim Northern Territory Energy Market (I-NTEM). Those entities intending to participate in the I-NTEM should complete this application form and submit it to the Market Operator to initiate the registration process.

PDF Form

The Settlement Statements and Timetable procedure  identifies the key principles to be adopted by the Market Operator for the preparation and issuing of settlement statements in accordance with an agreed timetable.

The Indigenous Essential Services Deemed Load Profile procedure is now available. It identifies the Market Operator’s intention to use a deemed load profile as one element determining Jacana Energy’s non-interval meter consumption and to establish the total IES load at the Transaction Reference Point (TRP). The quantities for these Market Participants will be determined on a trading interval basis.