Reporting your meter read

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Power and Water's Easy Ways to report your meter read.
In most cases, we'll check your meter read regularly and effortlessly. However, in some cases, where access has not been possible, we'll drop a meter read card in your mailbox.

What to do if you receive a meter read card

Whether it’s a locked gate or a rowdy pet, sometimes reading your meter isn’t always possible.
That’s when you’ll end up with a meter read card in your mailbox. You’ll then have 48 hours from the date on the card to respond to us.

If we don’t hear from you we’ll need to estimate your meter read, which also means an estimated bill.

Use an Easy Way to report your meter read to us


The fastest and easiest way to report your meter read:

Report your meter read


Call 1800 245 092 to report your meter read to one of our friendly operators.

If you’re having problems locating or reading your water meter or power meter, we have some handy guides to help you out.

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