Residential customers

Power and Water is the Northern Territory’s electricity distributor and provides power to around 76,000 residential customers in our regulated networks. We want to hear your ideas for how we can manage and build on the network now and in the future.

Electricity is complex and residential customers need to understand the issues to be able to contribute to planning for their energy future.  Our engagement to date commenced educating customers on the electricity supply chain and our role in delivering safe and reliable electricity to homes.  We then heard from residential customers regarding their lived experience and interactions with Power and Waters services.  Customers have told us about the things that matter to them, what’s working and what’s not working.

To date residential customers have told us they want Power and Water:

  • To be more active and responsive to their needs and changes around us
  • To enable, facilitate and support the shift to renewables
  • To support customer choice

We want to hear the voice of residential customers as we plan for our energy future, together.

Our answers to your questions

We have prepared some videos and responses to help explain how and why Power and Water manages its network and its assets the way it does. All of these videos are very short but provide you with an overview of some key aspects and information you might find useful to better understand our expenditure plans.

We have prepared answers for you which we have bundled up into themes:

Your electricity service and your customer journey

We have prepared some answers to help explain how and why Power and Water manages its network and its assets the way it does.

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Understanding solar options

Understanding solar options

Customers have expressed that Power and Water should do more to help customers understand solar options and find reputable installers and suppliers.

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Responding to renewables

Responding with renewables

Customers wanted to know how we are preparing its plans to help future proof its network and support the Northern Territory Government’s plans of achieving 50% renewables by 2030.

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