Saving energy

Changing the way we do things and when we do them can be challenging at first. With a few small changes you can make a big difference with out giving up your lifestyle.

Home energy calculator

To help you save money and lower your electricity bill, use our calculator and tips to help you understand where you use the most electricity.

Understanding power bills

To help lower electricity bills, read our guide on “how to read our bill” to help you understand how much power the household is using and take back control of electricity bills.

Frequently asked questions

For quick answers to common questions about our home energy calculator and advice on saving power and money, check out our FAQs.

How much do I pay for electricity and water

Understanding what tariffs you pay helps you take control of electricity and water bills.

Home energy tips

Making a few changes at home or at work can help you lower your power bill. Read our tips on how to save power using you're appliances around the home or office

Estimate your bill

Want to know how much your next bill could be. Enter your meter reads to estimate the cost of your next power / water bill.

Are you eligible for a Concession on your Power and Water bills

To find out what concessions can be added to your bills read our information on the Northern Territory Concession Scheme  and Northern Territory Seniors Recognition Scheme.

NT Government Electricity Rebate

The Australian and Northern Territory governments are jointly funding electricity the Energy Bill Relief  program, click on the link below to see if you are eligible.


COOLmob aims to assist and inspire Territorians to take positive actions to reduce their climate impact by living more sustainably.

COOLmob is the sustainable living initiative of the Environment Centre NT in Darwin, Australia.

Finding out how making small changes to your daily habits can help the environment and save you money.