Save on water

Water is not an endless resource and we need to start using water more wisely so Territorians can enjoy a good water supply in the future.

On average, 60 per cent of a household's water use is in the garden, so that's a good place to start looking when considering how you can cut back.

The Darwin Water Story tells the real story of water in Darwin, how much we use, how much we could save, and the options available to meet future demand.

Territorians use more than twice the amount of water as the rest of Australia, perhaps thinking we have abundant rain in the Top End, but the Territory is not immune to changing weather patterns and an increasing population is placing more demand on water resources. Darwin's major water source, Darwin River Dam, is also subject to high evaporation.

What are you saving for?

Cutting down on water use is a great way to save money, so if you’re saving for a holiday, a rainy day or the environment, using less will save you more and preserve our precious water. Use these tips to help save on your next water bill.

70% of average household water use is in the garden or lost via leaks.

  1. Adjust irrigation for the seasons
    • Let the rain irrigate your garden when possible.
    • Gardens need less water in the cooler months in the southern parts of the Territory.
  2. Install a smart irrigation controller
    • A clever tool which automatically waters your garden based on the weather.
  3. Water for longer, but less often
    • This encourages deeper roots making plants more water efficient.
  4. Use efficient irrigation equipment
    • Drippers are more efficient than sprayers and sprinklers.
    • Pressure regulators prevent leaks and overwatering.
  5. Reduce evaporation
    • Use mulch.
    • Water between 8pm and 8am.
  6. Find leaks

    Step 1: Make sure that there is no water being used.
    Step 2: Read the last two digits of your water meter.
    Step 3: Wait five minutes, take another reading.
    Step 4: If the second reading is higher than the first, you may have a leak.

  7. Walk the line
    • Check your irrigation lines and system for leaks regularly.
  8. Choose water efficient plants
    • Group plants together based on efficiency.
    • Water the groups separately.
  9. Reduce your lawn area
    • Lawn is thirsty stuff! Less lawn means more savings.
  10. Short showers
    • Keep your shower times to four minutes or less.
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Try saving 10 buckets of water a day, it's easy.

On average, each Top Ender uses 55 buckets of water a day. In Alice Springs each person averages 70 buckets a day – more than twice as much as most Australians. Find out how you can use 10 less buckets of water a day - save money on your bill and preserve our natural resources.

For more ideas on how to save buckets go to our fact sheet.