Save on power

Save money and the environment without sacrificing your lifestyle.

We all want to do our bit to help the environment – and often it will save us money too.

Changing behaviour is never easy, but if you can make some small adjustments they will become part of your routine – and you’ll be reducing the pressure on our environment without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Green Guide

In the Green Guide you'll find more simple ideas you and your family can start using right now, as well as things to consider in those situations where you're able to plan ahead. The booklet includes general information about choosing appliances and cooling your home, as well as tips for specific rooms.

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Practical ways to help reduce your electricity bill

Air conditioners are big power users. Looking at air conditioner use and efficiency is a key to reducing power use in the Territory.

Try running your air conditioner between 24 and 27 degrees and use your fan as well. It takes the humidity and edge out of the heat and the fan then circulates the cooler air. Try it and you'll reduce your power bill and still have a very comfortable living environment.

Here are some practical ways to help reduce your power bills:

  • Turn your air conditioner's (large 3HP air conditioner) thermostat up by just one degree and save up to 10 per cent off its running costs, about $179 per air conditioner per year (based on 10 hours a day for 250 days).
  • Reduce the running time of your air conditioner to five hours a day and save about $380 a year, based on running a 1.5HP air conditioner 250 days for 10 hours a day.
  • Turn your television, DVD and stereo off by using the button on the unit (not the remote) or turning it off at the wall and save up to $25 a year.
  • Switch to LED lights which use up to 79% less electricity than traditional halogen incandescent bulbs and save up to $125 a year per 10 bulbs changed.
  • Similarly, replacing halogen downlights with LED lights will save more than 83% electricity and up to $196 a year per 10 bulbs changes.
  • Cut the time you use the pool pump from 12 hours to eight hours a day and save about $392 a year.

The following guides can also help if you are looking for new appliances:

Help save the planet!

Whether you're a student, a teacher or just curious, take advantage of our interactive online education resource at interactive power and water cycles explain, in simple terms, how electricity is generated in the Territory and where drinking water comes from. The site includes online resources for students and teachers to use at home or at school, such as online games and quizzes, desktop wallpapers, information sheets and colouring-in sheets. These can be downloaded and printed as well.

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