Remote sustainability initiatives

Electricity and water use is expected to continue to grow strongly across Major Remote Towns and remote communities. 

Although population growth will continue to be a major driver of this growth, many of the Territory and Australian Government initiatives aimed at improving lifestyle and health outcomes will lead to greater use of power and water services. Improved prosperity through programs to provide sustainable employment will also increase demand.

Power and Water is working to long-term plans to meet this demand, which includes system augmentation and replacement as well as water and energy conservation programs through partnerships with community and various commercial, government and private consumers.

We are also improving operational water efficiencies, installing water meters and establishing community-supported efficiency approaches including behaviour change.

Energy and water efficiency programs are being developed with cultural leaders, shires and councils. These focus of sharing cultural stories, education and respectful engagement.

Working with community members, we have helped raise awareness about where water and electricity come from and how to conserve these resources and protect supplies for future generations.

We have gained enormous support working in partnership with the community and fostered improved local ownership of initiatives, resulting in more effective programs and on-ground insight into the operation of essential services.

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