Darwin LED streetlight trial

Power and Water Corporation and the City of Darwin have installed the first Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights as part of a trial.

LED streetlights have been installed in Valder Crescent in Rapid Creek and VRD Drive in Leanyer.

If the trial proves successful, Power and Water and the City of Darwin may consider changing to LED streetlighting over a period of time which will lead to longer term emissions reductions and overall cost savings which will be of great benefit to the community as a whole.

Power and Water and the City of Darwin are now seeking public feedback on the lights.

1. I have noticed changes to the streetlighting in:

2. For each of the following statements, please tell us whether you think that the lighting is better or worse?

  • The colour of the lights:
  • The amount of light provided for pedestrians:
  • The atmosphere the lights create in your neighbourhood:
  • The overall level of safety the LED lights provide:
  • The look or aesthetics of the LED streetlights:
3. Overall do you prefer the newly installed LED lighting or the previous streetlighting?
Why do you say this?
4. If it was decided to change the majority of residential streetlights to LED lights as seen in these location, how supportive would you be?
5. If you support changing to this technology, what is your primary motivation?
6. Would you still support this initiative if there was a higher cost for the initial purchase of LED lights but still a longer term overall saving to the community?

7. To assist with ensuring we have captured the representative thoughts of a cross-section of the community, please answer the following few questions:

In which age group do you belong?
Please select your gender
What is the post code where you live?
Lastly, are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to make about the installed LED streetlighting that wasn't covered in this survey?