Guaranteed Service Levels Search Page

In accordance with the Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) Code, customers do not need to apply for a GSL payment. Power and Water will determine if your property is eligible for a GSL payment. If eligible, it will be credited to your account and appear on your bill as soon as reasonably practicable.

For more information on GSL, go to Guaranteed Service Levels or view the Frequently Asked Questions page.

To use the search, enter your street number (optional), street name and suburb (both required) into the search fields and press 'Submit'. A list of residences will be displayed showing the feeder category that applies.

Important - please note the following when doing a search

  • When you enter the street number, only enter the property number - not the unit or flat number eg not 12/240 but 240.
  • When you enter the street name do not include the type of street, eg for Smith Street type smith.
  • If you are looking for properites in Darwin type Darwin City.
  • If you need to use a wildcard in the search, the wildcard is the '%' sign.

 * denotes required field

Hint: Only enter the number of the property - not the unit or flat number. For example, for 12/240 type 240 only
  Hint: Only enter the name of the street. For example, for Smith Street type smith