Water and sewerage problems

Power and Water maintains more than 2000 kilometres of water mains and more than 1000 kilometres of sewer mains. Heavy rain, severe storms and flooding can impact the water and sewer networks.

water drop Water supply

Some of the problems you may experience during or immediately after a storm or cyclone include:

  • Interruption to your water supply as a result of water mains being uprooted and damaged by fallen trees
  • Loss of water pressure in the system resulting from damage to water mains, fire hydrants etc
  • Possible contamination of the water supply due to backflow or broken pipes
  • Significant loss of stored water and reduced pressure due to broken mains and people's excessive use after a storm or cyclone
  • Water restrictions due to major damage to the power supply and/or water supply infrastructure.

Overflow relief gully Sewer system

Some of the problems you may experience during or immediately following a cyclone or storm include:

Keeping storm water away from the sewer system is critical during the wet season and during heavy rainfall. If storm water enters the sewer network, pipes can overload potentially causing sewage to backflow into homes and properties. Installing overflow relief gullies(ORGs) correctly and keeping them free from debris and rubbish is essential in preventing sewage backflow.