Our preparations

During the dry season, Power and Water prepared for severe weather in the wet season by rolling out intensive maintenance and upgrade programs, managing vegetation along water mains and powerlines, and checking and cleaning the sewer network. Our dedicated staff are fully prepared and ready for any weather conditions.

The Northern Territory’s harsh weather conditions present big challenges for our networks and as a result power interruptions are not uncommon. To help you our repair crews are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Electric bolt Electricity

  • We trim trees and grass away from our network to reduce the risk of fire or storm damage.
  • We encourage people in the community to check that tree branches on their property are well clear of powerlines and if they are not to call us for our advice.
  • We have installed lightning arrestors and insulated cross arms on thousands of power poles.
  • We have modern protection systems in our substations that let us know of any damage to the network.
  • We have ordered extra power poles and other hardware essential to electricity supply so we have plenty in stock for repairs.
  • We train, prepare and test our staff to respond to emergency situations all year.

water drop Water and sewerage services

  • We regularly check sewers for blockages to limit overflows in heavy rain.
  • We have installed permanent, onsite standby equipment to operate major water and sewerage pumping stations in power outages.
  • We are gradually placing fire hydrants underground to reduce damage to the water supply system from falling trees, flying debris, etc.
  • We have extra pipes, fittings and other hardware in stock so we can immediately repair damaged water and sewerage infrastructure.
  • We have identified critical water supply channels and have developed plans to ensure these are kept open so water supply continues to flow to essential locations, such as hospitals and emergency services.
  • Our water supply system is kept pressurised as long as possible in a flood or cyclone to minimise risks of contamination.

Electricity pole System Control

  • We conduct technical evaluations to ensure our power system is capable of withstanding difficulties during the storm season.
  • We train our staff to handle and respond to power system emergencies all year.
  • We monitor weather changes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and when the storm hits we are ready to send out crews and coordinate the restoration process.