Getting reconnected

Power and Water's first priority after a cyclone, storm or flood is to restore services to public health and community facilities. Then we work to reconnect the greatest number of customers.

If damage is widespread, we will come and make the area safe, and repair and restore services. Before you call us to report a power outage, water or sewerage problem, check whether your neighbours have services. If they don't, it's likely that we already know about the problem. If they have services and you don't, call our 24 hour faults line 1800 245 090.

If there is a life threatening situation, such as a powerline on the ground or another threat to public safety, from damaged infrastructure please contact us immediately on our emergency line 1800 245 090 or the 000 emergency line.

In some cases there are certain things you or other authorities can do to help to restore services. Please read on to find out more.

Power and Water linesmen


Damage to electricity service lines

If the powerline attached to the fascia ,or area under the roof edge, has pulled away from your house or business due to storm, cyclone, tree or other damage, it is your responsibility to have a Northern Territory licensed electrician check your property and issue a Certificate of Compliance before we can reconnect your power.

This is to protect you and your property. The Certificate of Compliance confirms that your house is safe to reconnect power, ensuring we don't endanger your life by reconnecting your house if it's damaged or has water logged wiring.

When you have this certificate call us on 1800 245 092. We will send a repair crew to restore your power supply as soon as possible.

The repair crew will need to see the certificate before they can begin any work. If the powerline has come away from the power pole, we will restore your service directly.

After flooding

If your home suffered water damage due to flooding, your electricity supply would have been disconnected for safety reasons. The combination of electricity and water is very dangerous and we advise you to take extreme caution when you return to your home.

For your safety and the safety of others, you will need to hire a Northern Territory licensed electrical contractor to inspect your property. They need to ensure that it is electrically safe and issue you with a Certificate of Compliance before we can reconnect your power.

Once you have this certificate call 1800 245 092. We will send a crew as soon as possible to restore your power supply. The crew will need to see the certificate before they start work. However, if the powerline has come away from the power pole end, we will be able to restore your service.

Water and sewerage services

If your water and or sewer system has been damaged, listen to the emergency radio station, ABC 105.57, for information updates, directions or alerts, such as boil your water until further notice.  Don't drink water from streams or creeks.  It's also important to not use too much water to wash down your house, driveway or car as we may still be restoring water supply to people in other areas.

Avoid flooded water ways that may contain overflow from the sewerage system and don't go near any sewer access opening or manhole that has unlocked. Please report all damage, leaks and dislodged access openings as soon as possible by calling us on 1800 245 092.

Removing storm debris

We will remove storm damaged trees or other items on private and public property that are lying across powerlines, power poles or affecting water services, with the help of other authorities.

Storm damaged trees not impacting Power or Water services, that are across roads and other public areas, will be assessed and removed by local authorities.

Storm damaged trees and other materials not impacting on Power and Water services on private property are the responsibility of the property owner.

If the damage is widespread, local authorities will usually offer to remove the debris or rubbish for the community as part of their disaster recovery program.