Cyclone and severe flooding checklist

This checklist will help to ensure the continued supply of power and water services to your home.

Download the print friendly version of this safety checklist.


  • Trim trees and remove dead branches. However, if they are near powerlines, do not attempt to trim them yourself. Call us on 1800 245 092.
  • Remove debris from gutters and drains to avoid flooding.
  • If you have renovated make sure there are no exposed wires or power boxes that could cause electrical issues.
  • Install a surge protector in your home to protect sensitive electronic equipment.
  • If you are evacuated, turn off the electricity at the main switchboard and water at the meter.
  • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances at the power point, including computers, TV, DVD and aerial cables.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances that are wet or damaged.
  • Don’t use a landline phone during a storm, use a mobile.
  • If your power goes off, ensure your stovetop and oven are off. This will minimise the potential for electrical damage or house fire once your power is restored.
  • If your lights are dull or flickering, turn off and unplug appliances. Do not touch your switchboard.
  • Stay away from fallen powerlines. Always treat them as ‘live’ and dangerous. Report them immediately to our emergency number 1800 245 090 or call 000.
  • Tidy up unsecured objects around your home and yard.


  • Free your overflow relief gully (ORG) from obstructions that could prevent it from working effectively.
  • Have a cyclone kit ready. Cyclone kit lists can be found at
  • Check that the downpipes from your roof are not connected to the sewer to minimise potential for sewage overflows.
  • Fill containers, including bath and sinks, with water in case supply is cut.

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