This page provides responses to FAQs relating to authorisations to work on Power and Water apparatus and SitePass.

What is SitePass?

The SitePass Contractor Management System (also known as SitePass) is an online contractor management tool. This system allows Power and Water Corporation to monitor and evaluate staff and contractors compliance by ensuring that they have the appropriate skills, qualifications, and licences and they have completed applicable Power and Water authorisation training before undertaking any work.

Why is Power and Water moving to this system?

Depending on how you have been engaged as a contractor, you may be inducted in one of two ways: either online or through a face-to-face process. This is not the most efficient way of managing contractor information and inductions. SitePass will store and monitor all the relevant documentation required to ensure that both parties are meeting their duty of care.

This system works through a four stage approach:

  1. Register - Contractors register their business to access the SitePass interface. Contractors then register their employees.
  2. Upload - Contractors upload from the computer any relevant licences and qualifications for their employees.
  3. Train - Contractors and their employees complete the Power and Water Corporation online or external training.
  4. Verify - The information provided by contractors is verified prior to issuing the contractor and their employee’s authorisation card.

Do I have to register my business in the system?

Yes. All contracting businesses and their employees doing any work at Power and Water must be registered.

What are the benefits of SitePass to Power and Water and its contractors?

SitePass assists Power and Water and the contractor to demonstrate that they are fulfilling their duty of care to each other when entering into a contract to complete a piece of work. This commitment is demonstrated by both parties through induction and validation of skills, qualifications and licences before commencing work. SitePass also works in real time allowing both parties 24/7 access.

Are there any costs involved?

There are no costs to the contractor for registering with the system. Power and Water pays for the system and any associated administrative or maintenance costs.

How do I create usernames and passwords?

SitePass will prompt your employees to create a new password when they login for the first time.

What kind of photo should I attach of the employee?

Photographs must comply with the Australian passport format. To read more on the photograph guidelines, go to the Australian Passports Office webpage.

What should the format be for copies of my licences and certificates?

You must provide readable copies. We highly recommend you supply coloured scans.

What if my licences and certificates have expired or are lost?

If you cannot provide the required documentation Power and Water will not grant you an authorisation.

Where do I pick my authorisation card?

Initially you are required to print the authorisation certificate received by email. You will be informed where to collect your authorisation card.

What if I have completed all requirements but my account shows I have not been verified?

Send an email to the Authorisations Administrator.

What if I lose my Induction card?

Contact the Authorisations Administrator.

Where can I obtain additional SitePass assistance?

Go to the SitePass Support website.

Contact information

Email: Authorisations Administrator
Phone: 08 892 45156