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Commissioning of expanded Uterne Solar Plant in Alice Springs    20 August 2015

Power and Water Corporation has worked with Epuron Solar to expand the Uterne Solar Plant in Alice Springs.

Working with the community    17 August 2015

Power and Water is partnering with community organisations as part of its ongoing sponsorship program.

Ben Hammond's legacy    07 August 2015

Engineer Ben Hammond’s contribution to the Northern Territory’s utilities industry was recognised with the naming of Power and Water’s Woolner complex.

Kicking more goals for solar power    05 August 2015

SETuP will deliver solar powered energy systems to over 30 Indigenous communities across the Northern Territory.

Three new 132kV circuit breakers now in service    29 July 2015

Power and Water Corporation’s 2015 major equipment upgrade for the Hudson Creek Switchyard is complete with the third 132kV circuit breaker now energised and in service.

Power and Water partnering with the Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre    23 July 2015

Power and Water is supporting a program that will focus on education and career development.

Apprentice to CE: a career rich with achievement    23 July 2015

John Baskerville reflects on his career in the Northern Territory Government and his time with Power and Water Corporation.

Power and Water thanks customers for information    17 July 2015

Timely reporting by Power and Water customers results in our repair teams acting promptly and creating positive outcomes.

Sponsorship supports Northern Territory families    16 July 2015

Children have been able to attend a Camp Quality Family Camp thanks to Power and Water Corporation.

Fruit bats causing havoc on rural powerlines    10 July 2015

Fruit bats have caused some interruptions to powerlines in Dundee.

Power and Water CE retires    07 July 2015

Power and Water Corporation’s Chief Executive Mr John Baskerville retires from his role effective 27 July, leaving the corporation in a strong position with many reforms initiated during his two and a half years at the helm.

New technology improving safety and efficiency    03 July 2015

Power and Water Corporation is trialing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology that could make it easier to inspect the power network.

Stay away and stay safe    03 July 2015

Keep clear of Power and Water infrastructure for your own safety.

Second 132kV circuit breaker installation underway    30 June 2015

Replacement of the second of three new 132kV circuit breakers is now underway as part of Power and Water Corporation’s 2015 major equipment upgrade for the Hudson Creek switchyard.

Ali Curung and Epenarra saving water and money    26 June 2015

Smart water meters saves water and money for Ali Curung and Epenarra residents.


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