Tropical cyclone power restoration update

28 March 2018

Power and Water crews are attending to individual service connections in Darwin and greater Darwin areas following Tropical Cyclone Marcus.

The High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) network is now restored allowing customers to have their power restored. Check whether your neighbours have power. If they have services and you don't, call our 24 hour faults line 1800 245 092.

We know there are some customers across the Darwin and greater Darwin areas awaiting individual service connections once they have a Certificate of Compliance.

However, if you still do not have power and are not waiting for internal repairs, please contact Power and Water on 1800 245 092.

Crews are also continuing to work on the power network, which is vulnerable to faults following the cyclone damage. Short outages may occur while these works take place.

If you are without power, please ensure you check the connection point to your premises. If the powerline attached to the fascia, or area under the roof edge, has pulled away from your house or business, it is your responsibility to have a Northern Territory licensed electrician check your property and issue a Certificate of Compliance before we can reconnect power.Go to Getting reconnected for more information.

If your home has sustained any other damage that may affect the electrical wiring, power will not be restored until a licensed electrical contractor has issued a Certificate of Compliance.

Crews will issue a connection notice if they have disconnected your home or business due to damage. Power will not be restored until a licensed electrical contractor has issued a Certificate of Compliance. Locked gates and unrestrained dangerous animals mean that our crews can't safely access your property to restore power.

A crew will attend your property as soon as possible to restore your power supply. The crew will need to see the Certificate of Compliance. Please leave the certificate in your meter box.

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