Yarralin boil water alert has been lifted

02 February 2017

Yarralin Community precautionary advice for drinking water - boil water alert - has been lifted. The precautionary measure was put in place after the area experienced power supply interruptions when a tree fell onto powerlines and a pole during storm activity, cutting power to the water tank and causing the disinfection system to become non-operational.

The Department of Health issued the precautionary boil water advice on Tuesday 31 January. Power and Water provided packaged drinking water to vulnerable residents and public centres on the same day.

Power and Water crew actively restored power to the tank compound and disinfection unit yesterday at 4pm. The pipe supply was then flushed and tested for healthy chlorine levels, with water samples taken and sent for laboratory testing to ensure the water supply is safe.

The sample tests were returned today and verify that the water in Yarralin community is safe to drink. The Department of Health has now lifted the Boil Water Alert.

For more information, please visit the Department of Health news page here.