Water demand on the rise in Katherine

03 October 2017

October is one of the months of highest water demand in Katherine due to the build-up heat.

Power and Water has noticed demand has increased over the past week and is reminding residents to remain vigilant and keep their water use down so the use of PFAS affected bore water is kept to an absolute minimum.

During September, Katherine residents achieved a fantastic 20% reduction in water use under the water conservation measures introduced in August.

These measures are necessary to help safeguard the town’s water supply.

Power and Water Area Manager Katherine Region, Chris Horton recalls that at a similar time last year there had been a couple of rain events to help water gardens and open spaces.

“However, this year that hasn’t occurred. Water demand has gradually crept up and we are close to the maximum amount that can be produced without the need for bore water to be added,” Mr Horton said.

“The arrival last week of a small pilot water treatment plant, provided by the Department of Defence, should be operational by late October. The installation process will take place over the next four weeks, so won’t be operational until the end of the month.

“Once fully operational, the plant will treat up to 1ML of bore water each day. This together with the 10.3ML that is produced by the existing treatment plant will be carefully managed to help Power and Water meet Katherine’s water demand.

“However, we need residents to adhere to the conservation measures in place and make a conscious effort to continue to use less water during this high demand time.

“Power and Water is working hard to alleviate the situation and has secured interim support in the pilot water treatment plant to help keep Katherine’s water safe to drink, however we need the community of Katherine to keep helping out,” stressed Mr Horton.

For information about how to be more water efficient the Leak Find and Fix rebate program, please visit: Living Water Smart Katherine

Full details of the conservation measures in place are available here: Katherine water demand management

Power and Water will also have people you can talk to at the Department of Defence community shopfront at the Katherine Oasis Shopping Centre from Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 October between 10.30am and 6pm.