Power and Water completes major capital works

29 November 2017

Power and Water’s $8.1 million project to replace the transmission lines from the Channel Island Power Station across the Elizabeth River reached practical completion on 3 November.

The works involved helicopters and world class operators to string the lines between the new poles.

This will improve the security of the existing 132kV line A of the Channel Island Power Station crossing over Elizabeth River so it can withstand a category four cyclone by reducing the significant risk of critical transmission power failure during a cyclone.

Power and Water is dedicated to securing an efficient power supply for our customers and ensuring dependability with the delivery of the $67 million major capital works program, demonstrating a commitment to deliver essential services to Territorians.

On 11 November, the Corporation completed the $22.1 million upgrade to the Casuarina 66kV zone substation to provide a safer, more secure and reliable power supply for Casuarina and its surrounding suburbs in Darwin.

The new indoor Casuarina Zone Substation connects to the existing electricity network.

The installation of the new indoor 66kV switchgear, three transformers and substation building, which replaces the outdoor 66kV infrastructure, commenced in 2015.