Discoloured water

12 April 2017

Discoloured water may occur after heavy rainfall associated with cyclones. Wet weather conditions can mix the layers of water in our reservoir at Darwin River Dam.

This occurrence is common to all water supply reservoirs, where naturally occurring minerals are normally contained at the base of the reservoir and are sometimes drawn into the water supply.

The duration and severity of discolouration is driven by weather conditions. In most cases running the tap for a few minutes will improve the water quality.

Water may appear slightly yellowish to brownish in the initial part of the wet season. Elevated levels of minerals may make the colour of water more noticeable in white baths and basins and cause stained laundry.

Stained laundry should be kept wet and treated with a stain remover or dishwashing detergent.

The water is safe to drink and Darwin’s water supply is continually sampled and tested for quality.

If you have any concerns about significantly discoloured water please call us on 1800 245 092. Reporting and feedback allows us to deliver better service to all customers.

For more information read our water quality fact sheet.