Snake on the line

13 July 2012

Recently Power and Water crews were patrolling 60km of powerline to establish the cause of power interruptions affecting customers along the Arnhem Highway.

As the crew drew close to a section of powerline they were able to see a snake had become entangled in the lines and was causing them to spark.

It is not unusual to have wildlife or vermin cause outages on powerlines, but usually the offending material has dropped off or been blown away before we can find it.

However, in this instance Bernie Rourke from Power and Water, managed to capture an image of the snake and the impact it was having on the power supply.

The snake had slithered up the pole about 1km before the Adelaide River Bridge.

Berne said they find about 10 snakes a year that get on to powerlines and cause outages; they climb poles to get away from the damp or are chasing eggs in nests on poles and towers.

Customers from Lambells Lagoon to the Bark Hut experienced a flickering while the snake was still on the line and while the snake was being removed power was temporarily suspended.

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