Application for business electricity connection

IMPORTANT NOTE: Credit Card Payments may take up to three working day to process. Please note that in accordance with the Privacy Act, details of debts, more than 60 days overdue and identifying particulars may be referred to a credit reporting agency and then become available to other credit providers. Unpaid Power and Water accounts could affect your credit rating.

I/We, being the person(s) named below under customer details, hereby make application for supply under the terms and conditions applicable pursuant to the Power and Water Customer Contract.

Establishment fee: - New supply service connection — $119.91 (BH); $257.58 (AH)* - Re-establishment after disconnection or transfer of an existing account — $56.00 (BH); $67.00 (AH)* for enquiries please call 1800 245 092. 

Business hour (BH) connections are from Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.30pm.

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If this isn't what you were looking for you might be interested in connecting your home.

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Please note that a $56 fee will apply to all connections

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For example life support systems or manufacturing processes. You are required to supply evidence, we will contact you to discuss if yes.

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