Water and Sewage Infrastructure Products Manual

| How to locate an approved product | Water Supply | Gravity Sewerage | Pressure Sewerage | About this Manual 45kb PDF> | Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Products Approval Application Form 34kb PDF |

Water Supply

Water Pipeline Systems

WPS 01 Ductile Iron (DI) Pipeline Systems 253kb pdf
WPS 02 PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipeline Systems 166kb pdf
WPS 06 Steel (MS) Pipeline Systems 42kb pdf

Water Other Products

WO 01 Property Connections 125kb pdf
WO 02 Valves and Hydrants 441kb pdf
WO 03 Surface and Subsurface Accessories 200kb pdf
WO 04 Maintenance Products 240kb pdf
WO 05 Corrosion Protection 57kb pdf
WO 06 Miscellaneous Products 51kb pdf

Sewerage (Gravity)

Sewerage Gravity Pipeline Systems

SGPS 01 PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipeline Systems 161kb pdf
SGPS 02 Vitrified Clay (VC) Pipeline Systems 107kb pdf
SGPS 03 Ductile Iron (DI) Pipeline Systems 185kb pdf
SGPS 06 Glass-filament Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pipeline Systems 340kb pdf

Sewerage Gravity Other Products

SGO 01 Maintenance Structures 172kb pdf
SGO 02 Maintenance Products 616kb pdf
SGO 03 Corrosion Protection 332kb pdf

Sewerage (Pressure)

Sewerage Pressure Pipeline Systems

SPPS 01 Ductile Iron (DI) Pipeline Systems 140kb pdf
SPPS 02 PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) Metric Pipeline Systems 103kb pdf
SPPS 05 Glass-filament Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Pipeline Systems 90kb pdf
SPPS 06 Steel (MS) Pipeline Systems 34kb pdf

Sewerage Pressure Other Products

SPO 01 Valves 116kb pdf
SPO 02 Surface and Subsurface Accessories 81kb pdf
SPO 03 Maintenance Products 161kb pdf
SPO 04 Corrosion Protection 58kb pdf
SPO 05 Miscellaneous Products 23kb pdf