Water and sewerage services

Power and Water manages both surface and ground water supplies in the Northern Territory.

Darwin is the only main centre with a dam for water supply. Darwin River Dam was built in 1972, with a 205 square kilometre catchment area.

The spillway wall has since been raised 1.3 metres, increasing the potential water storage by about 20 per cent to cater for increased demand for water in Darwin and the surrounding area. However, we do continue to look at other potential water sources.

Alice Springs, Darwin, Katherine and Tennant Creek all have borefields to source water. Alice Springs and Tennant Creek are completely reliant on groundwater.

Alice Springs in particular is costly to operate because the electronic bores source water from about 150 metres underground.

Delivering water in the Territory requires thousands of kilometres of water pipes. Power and Water's Leak Detection unit routinely inspects many of these using sensors to electronically monitor pipe movements and track down leaks.

Drinking water is routinely disinfected with chlorine to ensure it is safe to drink.

If you intend to connect a new property or subdivision to the water distribution system, the guidelines listed here will help you through the process:

You can also consult the following publications: