Power and Water manages reticulated sewerage services in 56 remote communities. Sewage and wastewater is taken off site through pipes and pump stations to centralised waste stabilisation ponds for treatment and appropriate disposal of the treated wastewater.

Sixteen communities rely on on-site wastewater treatment systems managed privately or as part of the public housing portfolio.  

Reliable and adequate wastewater collection, treatment and disposal is necessary to minimise risk to public health and the environment. The Water for Healthy Communities' Wastewater Management Strategy will see the improvement of wastewater systems in 56 communities by 2015.

We continue to invest in remote monitoring systems that increase our capability to manage and monitor wastewater systems from regional centres. These systems, installed in a number of remote communities, ensure ongoing operation and any interruption trigger a prompt response. This is vital to restoring services quickly as well saving the cost of travelling to remote communities.

Environmental impact 

Power and Water works with the NT Environment Protection Authority to licence remote area discharges. This allows us to better collect data on wastewater systems and the environment they discharge to as well as meeting regulatory requirements.