For all work that will impact on the Power and Water service networks you need to apply to Power and Water Remote Operations to connect to the service network or increase your load.

This includes the following projects:

  • New building or buildings on a new or existing lot,
  • Extensions to an existing building
  • Building replacement (demolish and rebuild)

The load information from your project is required to asses the impact on our service networks.

Indigenous Community Land Development Checklist

The Indigenous Community Development Checklist has been developed to assist developers with their submissions but are a guide only. The developer should include any information additional to the checklist that will assist in the assessment of their application by Power and Water.

Coordination Agencies – Department of Lands and Planning

The first step with any new or proposed development in communities is to ensure the proposed land use fits with the AREA PLAN for the community, and that approval has been granted from the relevant land body. For more information on the AREA PLAN and land use approvals, refer to:

Department of Planning and Infrastructure Strategic Planning they can be contacted by email – or telephone 8999 1300

LOT Servicing Plan

The developer is required to submit to Power and Water Remote Operations a plan showing the proposed lot and how the developer proposes to service this lot. Consultation with Power and Water on the existing services and service requirements is recommended.

The approved lot servicing plan is then forwarded to you the developer and to Department of Lands and Planning for additional processing, lot number creation or updating of records for extensions and renovations to existing lots.
Required information:

  • Lot land use
  • Maximum demand or loads.
    (Existing or current load, additional load giving a new maximum load for the lot)
  • Any special service requirements the developer may envisage for the development.
  • Proposed or existing service connection points service meters
  • Lot boundary dimensions
  • Adjacent lot layout (do not show just the proposed lot without reference to adjacent lots)

Example Lot Servicing plan.