Unsolicited proposals

Proposals that are submitted to Power and Water that are not in response to a current procurement activity, or have not been formally requested by Power and Water are referred to as unsolicited proposals.

Power and Water encourage businesses and private entities with unique, innovative ideas and solutions to submit their unsolicited proposals for consideration. Power and Water do not have all the solutions to problems, and welcome the private sectors input to enhance our services and future in the Northern Territory.

Unsolicited proposals from the private sector that Power and Water may be interested in include:

  • New methods of service delivery
  • Provision of infrastructure, including co-funded infrastructure and facilities projects
  • Access and utilisation of Power and Water assets and land

Before submitting a proposal, suppliers should make themselves aware of the requirements that must be met before Power and Water will consider and assess an unsolicited proposal. Power and Water have developed the ‘Unsolicited Proposals Guideline for Suppliers’  document, which will assist suppliers in identifying the requirements of an unsolicited proposal.

To submit an unsolicited proposal, please click here.

Who do I contact for assistance?

For more information or assistance, suppliers should refer to Power and Water’s Industry Engagement Officer, who is the first point of contact to learn about unsolicited proposals, as well as existing and future tender opportunities and Power and Water’s procurement framework.

The Industry Engagement Officer can be contacted via:

Email – industryengagement@powerwater.com.au

Phone – (08) 8924 5019