Repairs, maintenance, installation and new works of electrical power generation systems in remote communities

Contract number:  PRO00091-13
Business unit owner:
Remote Services

Contract dates: 30 January 2014 to 22 October 2020

Description of services

A general outline of the work to be carried out comprises:

  • the design, construction, assembly, installation, repairs and maintenance of switchboards and control panels pertaining to power generation and power distribution systems
  • the installation, repairs and maintenance to alternators, governors, electronic controls and associated power station equipment
  • installation, repairs, maintenance and fault rectification of systems.

The site of the works is various remote communities throughout the Northern Territory.

Current suppliers
Name Location (State)Category/Region
Delta Electrics NT Pty Ltd NT N/A
NT Controls and Automation Pty Ltd NT N/A
Manfield Colair NT N/A
ACDC Electrical and Comms Services Pty Ltd NT N/A
Ogden Power NT N/A
Sage Automation Pty Ltd NT N/A
Power Projects NT N/A
Can I apply to become a panel member?

The panel will remain closed for a period of 12 months unless Power and Water determines that owing to changed circumstances the number of contractors is inadequate.

First anniversary date - 30 September 2015.

Power and Water may appoint additional members to the panel under the same assessment criteria contained in the original Request for Tender.

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