Provision of engineering support for Alstom Energy Management System

Contract number:  PPD00224-15
Business unit owner:
Power Services

Contract dates: 4 September 2016 to 3 September 2019

Description of services

A general outline of the work to be carried out under the contract comprises the provision of SCADA Engineering Services with or without test equipment for transmission and distribution assets throughout the Northern Territory.

Part One - Support:

  • manage and/or undertake day to day support functions on the Alstom EMS including system administration, database, display works and other support functions such as fault resolution
  • manage and/or undertake engineering issues associated with a power system and specifically a complex computer based Energy or Distribution Management System, Remote Terminal Units and the associated communications networks
  • undertake project based display, database, RTU and HMI development.

Part Two - Software Support License (only Alstom Grid).

Current suppliers
NameLocation (State)Category/Region
Alstom Grid Australia LimitedNSWAll
Power Systems Consultants Pty LtdSAPart one only
Can I apply to become a panel member?

The panel will remain closed for a period of six months unless Power and Water determines that owing to changed circumstances the number of contractors is inadequate.

First anniversary date - 4 March 2017.

Power and Water may appoint additional members to the panel under the same assessment criteria contained in the original Request for Tender.

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