Providing feedback

Making a complaint

Although none of us want to receive complaints on how we are running our business, at Power and Water we value your feedback and complaints are often an opportunity for everyone to improve their systems and procedures. For this reason, Power and Water has developed A Guide for Business on Making a Complaint to explain how we will manage complaints and how we can each benefit from the process.

It includes what information we require from you, when you can expect to hear from us and what options you have if you feel your complaint has not been handled effectively or in the manner you expected.

We rely on our contractors and consultants to deliver our services to our customers and the complaints process is a key component to continually improve on this service delivery.

Letting us know

At Power and Water we welcome your feedback to identify potential areas of improvement to all of our procurement activities.

We rely on businesses submitting proposals to each of our tender requests and improving the quality of our documentation ensures we continue to receive quality responses from our partners.

Your feedback is a critical part of this process, so please email the Industry Engagement Officer at to discuss ways to improve the procurement process.