Power and Water is committed to making sure the safe and efficient delivery of electricity to your home or business meets an agreed set of industry standards.

What is Guaranteed Service Levels?
Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) is a set of industry standards for the safe and efficient delivery of electricity to your home or business.

Who sets the Guaranteed Service Levels?
The Utilities Commission made a Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) Code to set out arrangements for payments to be made by network service providers to small customers who receive poor levels of service.

Who is the network service provider?
Power and Water is the current network provider in the Northern Territory.

How often are events assessed?
Events are assessed – and eligible customers determined – on a monthly basis.

Do I need to apply for a GSL payment?
No. Our systems will recognise if you are eligible for a GSL payment, it will be credited to your account and appear on your bill.

How long does Power and Water take to process and pay GSLs?
As soon as Power and Water notes that an eligible event has occurred, we will calculate and apply the credit payment so that it appears on your next account. The timing of the GSL credit payment will depend on your billing cycle.

Why do I need to wait before I submit a claim form if I think I am eligible for a GSL payment?
Power and Water will note when an event(s) has occurred and determine if your property is eligible for a GSL payment. If eligible, it will be credited to your account and appear on your bill as soon as reasonably practicable.

What do I need to do if I think I am entitled to a GSL payment but haven't received a credit on my bill?
If you have not received a payment that you believe you are eligible for, please contact us on 1800 245 092. You will have 12 months from the date the event to lodge a claim. To apply for a GSL credit payment, please submit a GSL Claim Form.

Am I eligible for more than one payment if I have an outage of more than 12 or 20 hours and it is also a cumulative interruption?
Yes, you will be eligible for all GSL payments that apply to your particular circumstances.

I have had many short interruptions, however have not received a GSL payment – why is that?
Interruptions of less than one minute are excluded in the Code, as are some types of outages deemed to be beyond Power and Water’s control such as traffic accidents. Please refer to the Code for full details of exclusions.

The code refers to CBD, Urban and Rural (long and short) feeders, however the map refers to categories 1, 2, 3 and 4?
This is because the systems used to process GSL events use a category numbering system. The feeder categories as described by the Utilities Commission within the CBD, urban and rural areas are determined in line with national standards.

How do I know what type of feeder I am on?
To find out your feeder category, refer to the map of your area below or use the GSL search facility. You can reference the appropriate map for your region linked below. Category 1 feeders are marked in blue, Category 2 feeders in pink, Category 3 feeders in green and Category 4 feeders in brown.
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