Electricity networks

The Northern Territory’s population is small and separated by vast distances. This presents certain challenges in maintaining and operating the various electricity networks (regulated, unregulated and isolated grids in remote communities).

Electricity distribution lines map

The Northern Territory has three different types of electricity networks:

Regulated networks

The term 'regulated network' refers to electricity networks (grids) that come under the jurisdiction of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The AER’s role is to promote the efficient investment in and delivery of energy services in the long term interests of consumers. As part of this, it sets network revenue allowances so that energy consumers pay no more than necessary for the safe, secure and reliable delivery of electricity services.

There are three regulated networks in the Northern Territory:

  • The first and largest is the northern network. This electrical grid serves approximately 150,000 people and stretches from Darwin to south of Katherine. The northern network includes customers from Batchelor, Adelaide River, Pine Creek, Mataranka and Larrimah.
  • The second and smallest of the regulated networks is Tennant Creek. This electrical grid is located in the middle of the Northern Territory and services approximately 7,000 people in and around Tennant Creek.
  • The third regulated network is the southern electrical grid, servicing the Alice Springs area, which is home to approximately 28,000 people.

Unregulated networks

Power and Water also manages and maintains a number of smaller electricity networks, servicing small towns and communities. These areas are not connected to the three regulated networks and are classified as unregulated. They are not under the jurisdiction of the AER. These smaller electricity networks include:

  • Daly Waters
  • Ti Tree
  • Timber Creek
  • Newcastle Waters
  • Elliott

Indigenous Essential Services networks

Power and Water’s subsidiary, Indigenous Essential Services, provides electricity services to Indigenous communities under a contract with the Northern Territory Government.

Within each of these communities is a small isolated network, which in most instances, services just that community. These networks are also unregulated.

For more information on these please go to our Remote Operations page.