A quick glance at our Power Networks

Power Services

Power and Water is responsible for planning, building and maintaining reliable electricity network grids to transmit electricity between generators and end use consumers across the Northern Territory. This includes distributing electricity to over 244,000 people across 1.3 million square kilometers, while maintaining 5,900 kilometers of overhead lines, 3,200 kilometers of underground cable and 37,500 poles and towers across the Northern Territory.

The role of the network provider

Power and Water owns, operates and maintains the transmission and distribution networks comprising poles, wires, substations and other electricity infrastructure. It responds to outages and ensures that customers have a reliable source of electricity. Refer to our fact sheet for more details.

Network Management Plan

Power and Water’s 2013-14 to 2018-19 Network Management Plan explains Power and Water’s intentions in relation to network reliability, capacity, security and supply quality and the accompanying development of the network.

For more information about Power and Water’s electricity networks go to our Electricity networks page.